Waste transfer stations

Compactors of STP series are very stable and solid machines for special applications.

Stationary waste compactors of STP-K series
Stationary waste compactors of the STP-K series follow the new concept of compactors that have a compact shape. Through a design incorporating two cross cylinders, it was possible to construct a device occupying little space, while having a large filling chamber that is also suitable for heavy duty operation for the continuous processing of large volumes of waste. This makes STP-K compactors particularly suitable for places where available space has to be used efficiently and where continuity of work is a priority.

Heavy-duty STP stationary industrial compactors
Stationary compactors of this series are characterised by very high levels of efficiency and have been specifically designed for compacting large volumes of medium-heavy and heavy waste, as well as highly contaminated waste. Typical applications include printing shops, where large volumes of paper waste must be processed and compacted in a short time (model STP1800S), waste transfer stations or sorting line terminals for industrial and municipal waste (model STP3300S). Such compactors are characterised by their robust design, one central actuator for good load transmission and distribution, as well as a long monolithic structure of the piston without mobile gates for the actuator chamber. All of these parameters contribute to a large processing capacity, high durability, reliability and resistance to wear in heavy-duty conditions.

Stationary compactors are factory adjusted to work together with various types of optional equipment, depending on the nature of the task. STALCO offers many special solutions such as the automatic and quick replacement of containers on mobile devices at waste transfer stations and sorting lines, gates and partitions at the compactor as well as replaceable containers to prevent waste from falling off while disconnecting and replacing containers. We build machines with both standard and individually designed hydraulic units and controls.


Optional equipment

  • hydraulic link hooks (automatic or semi-automatic)
  • a hydraulic lock for container door
  • a hydraulic lock for compaction canal
  • shifting devices for the compactor or containers
  • control via photocells or filling sensors
  • an oil control system: temperature / cooling / monitoring
  • integrated devices for tilting waste containers (placed on the side or at the front)
  • a system for notification about equipment status or maintenance system using remote access via GSM