Stationary waste compactors with replaceable containers

Stationary waste compactors for compacting waste in attachable and replaceable containers (with capacities of 10-32 m3) are fit to be used with almost all known replacement systems.
The devices compact waste up to one fifth of its original volume, with the range of application covering most types of household waste, as well as industrial waste such as: paper, wooden boxes, packaging materials, cartons, foil, etc. The compactors are characterised with rather small dimensions, owing to which they do not require a special space designed for their installation. Their diversity, however, limits their application at large industrial waste processing plants, as such compactors cannot be filled with sand, construction rubble, stones, glass, acid-containing materials, or heavy metal elements (e.g. profiles), or wooden beams. Such compactor kits have several advantages over mono-block type container presses, including:

  • Just the container with waste is transported, whereas the stationary waste compactor can work on other containers in the meantime.
  • The option of applying the largest containers with capacity of 32 m3 because of space available on the vehicle.
  • Transport of a larger volume of waste in the container (approx. 3 tonnes more than in the compactor alone)
  • The system of two actuators in the cross system results in a large compaction chamber (up to 2.80m2) and a vast input opening, while preserving the minimum total length.

STP-CL series compactors are designed for processing large volumes of waste, and for large-size waste (the option of direct input from a container).
STP-CK series compactors are designed for normal volumes of waste (e.g. for manufacturing companies)
STP series stationary waste compactors are fit for operation with various sorts of optional equipment, depending on specificity of the working environment.
Manufactured acc. to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – CE Declaration of Conformity


Standard equipment:

  • a container is 75% full alert (control lamp)
  • compaction chamber and compactor piston made of strong and durable materials
  • divergent structure of the waste chamber assures its easy emptying; heavy-duty, durable main container rollers (width: 300mm)
  • power distribution box and hydraulic unit accessible both from the side and from the top, assuring easy maintenance
  • safety control using electrical systems, which can be easily expanded for many additional functions

Wyposażenie dodatkowe:

  • various variants of an input opening, depending on user requirements (input from conveyor belt, from the inside of the building, using a fork-lift truck, manually, etc.)
  • hydraulic coupling between the container and the compactor
  • guide rails: for easy coupling of the container and to secure the subgrade
  • the option of receiving a text message about filling
  • a remote control (from the ramp or inside the building)
  • start using a photocell
  • an integrated or mobile hydraulic tippler fit for most standard waste containers