Screw compactors

STALCO screw compactors are perfect particularly for compacting some sorts of waste:
– cardboard and waste paper – owing to additional waste defragmentation by the screw, compaction efficiency increases even up to 30%, and we can gain as much as 8 tonnes of material per container;
– PET bottles with a perforator installed directly on the compactor; here, also very high material weight per container can be achieved;
– wooden pallets – the compactor is specially reinforced and fitted in a manner permitting the screw to easily defragment the pallets.
The compactors are characterised with a very durable and maintenance-free drive with a gear, with central lubrication system, and a heavy-duty, single-side bearings on the screw shaft. Such a combination is to assure perfect reliability and long life of the compactor.
Special diagonal setting of the compaction channel is to assure optimal waste compaction in the container.