“Stalco-Industries” Sp. z o.o., established in 1996 as a result of the restructuring of Zakład Konstrukcji Stalowych, has for over 20 years formed part of Werner und Weber Capital Group, the industry leader in the Western European market.

Since the beginning, we have specialised in the production of high-quality hydraulic compactors (mobile compactors and stationary waste compactors) for environmental and economic waste management.
We also manufacture various types of traditional and special purpose containers for use in the waste management and construction industry.
Our devices, renowned for their reliability and unfailing operation, can be used in any sector of the economy, ranging from the recycling industry to the food and also the printing industry. One can still purchase second-hand equipment manufactured by us from over 18 years ago, which is still reliable and suitable for operation.

Over four thousand of our compactors are being operated in the European Union and the Middle East. Our products meet very high requirements regarding quality, safety and reliability.

Our construction bureau and machinery make it possible for us to undertake practically any project, even if other companies, perceiving the complexity of the challenge, often decide against building such equipment.
Contact us, and our Sales Department will be happy to offer their assistance and advice.

Company informations:

„Stalco-Industries” Sp. z o.o.
31-983 Kraków, ul. Cementowa 1

Tel. +48 126442360 / Fax +48 126446714
e-mail: stalco@stalco.com.pl

NIP: 678-10-20-608 / VAT-UE: PL6781020608
Regon: 350897588

PL84 1240 2294 1111 0010 5903 5331
KRS 0000025285
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